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The Hotel Valdiola in collaboration with GallurAvventura offers a section dedicated to trekking and rope descents, adventure trails and excursions to Costa Smeralda by “ endure” and 4X4. Numerous routes along the whole of Sardinia, to experience nature by doing sport. For each itinerary a rich descriptive documentation with images and maps to explore and discover the most fascinating areas of our island.

Here are some of the proposals for this season:

Trekking, Fossil Canyons, Canyons aquatics

Trekking: Gallura, Supramonte e Gennargentu

Fossil Canyons : Fuili, Doronè, Pentumas, Gorropu and more on request

Canyons aquatics : Pitrisconi, Donini, Flumineddu, Orbisi and more on request

Adventure trails
Sardinia's best adventure trails

The crests of Padente, from Punta Salinas to Goloritzè, Escorianna, the Bandits ‘Rock, Scala Mpedrada, climb to Tavolara.

Padente and its crests
Departure from Gulf of Baunei

Departure from the plateau of “Gulf of Baunei”, after we will enter into the cave which comes over the sea of “Gulf of Orosei. We continue with other rope descents up to the cliff. Return by boat to the port of Santa Maria Navarrese, or along a steep climb which will bring us back to the car in about one 1 and 30 minutes.


Departure from Buchi Arta of Dorgali. Trek of about 2 hours and 30 minutes. Visit of a wonderful cave and arrival at the beach of Cala Luna; return to Cala Gonone by boat .

Excursions (enduro)
by motorbike

Motorbike tours on the Emerald Coast trails

Excursions (4 x 4)
Minivan tour

Tour to discover the Emerald Coast with minivan 9 places

Climbing in Emerald Coast
Different types of climbing

climbing in San Pantaleo ( OLBIA) by using different paths.

In the municipal area of Arzachena it is possible to travel over different sports paths:

- Monte Moro: Settore Azzi Russi (Punte Rosse) 10 vie sportive dai 14 ai 40 metri, difficoltà fino al 6a.

- Stazzu Matteu, Arzachena Via sportiva multipich, 120 mt, 5 tiri.

- Gallura’s granitic rocks.

“Vie Ferrate”
Guided hikes at the Vie Ferrate

Guided excursions can be organised at the via ferrata of Cabirol (Capo Caccia, Alghero), Giorrè (Cargeghe SS), Regina (Monteleone Rocca Doria, SS) , Plumare (Sisine, Baunei)

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